Interiors by Calla Cane

We design spaces that simply “feel good.” Beautiful, well-scaled, clean, and comfortable, but most importantly, reflect our clients and how they live. 

We work to translate our clients’ taste, preferences, palette (no matter how eclectic) into a unique design language. Clean, edited, elevated: from custom window treatments and cabinetry down to the smallest personal, artful details. 

We love a challenge. Vegan, eco-sensitive, LEED-certified? Want to safeguard against red wine spills or a pack of rowdy boys? We can accommodate any lifestyle (and make it comfortable and lovely). 

"Designed by the acclaimed Donald Wexler, ''The Last Wexler'' is the final residence the pioneering architect had a direct hand in building before his passing in 2015. A benchmark for innovative modern design, this historic home features many of Wexler's groundbreaking techniques and demonstrates his acute sensitivity to the extremes of the desert climate.", Dwell Magazine

"Featuring exposed steel columns, vast expanses of glass, pop-up raised ceilings, reflecting pool, minimalist landscaping, and linear lines, every aspect of this residence is signature Wexler.", Dwell Magazine

"On a scenic Wilton, Connecticut road, speckled with antique homes and old growth trees, is a quintessential farmhouse. There’s a detached barn, art studio, chicken coop, tree house and pond — and designer Calla McNamara of CALLA CANE had carte blanche to make the older property perfect for the family that calls it home." Rue Magazine, 2021

“Like most homeowners, Susanna viewed the kitchen as the heart of the home. ” Calla shares. “She voiced that she was tired of her cluttered countertops and wanted to find a way to conceal her appliances. It was important to her that this space felt comfortable, and light filled. ” Rue Magazine, 2021

“As a mutual friend once said with Susanna you never have to color inside the lines,” Calla explains. “Susanna wanted a forward-thinking home that offered her a backdrop to play with art and accessories over time. Keeping her desire for clean lines in mind, we looked to Scandinavian design for inspiration.” Rue Magazine, 2021

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