The Calla Cane team served as the lead project designer on this project, from concept to construction documentation. We developed this home from the early stages, we evolved look sheets and 3d conceptual models into a detailed set of construction drawings.

Sometimes you make big spatial changes early on in a project that not only alters the entire nature of the space but also positively impacts the livability. We moved the kitchen into the central part of the volume which allowed us to add an expanse of glass on the exterior wall. This multi-slide system not only meets in the corner to offer uninterrupted views of the ocean and the pool but it pockets so that the transition between indoor and outdoor space is seamless when the doors are not in use. 

Coastal designs on the west coast are always a delicate balance of capturing views and creating a comfortable level of natural light in the interior space. In the decorative phase of this project, we implemented wall to wall ripple fold drapery to diffuse the natural light in the second half of the day and create a soft dreamy interior glow. 

From a livability perspective we were able to increase the length of the dining table and add a second island for additional seating. The island is a great space for gathering, casual meals, kids art projects and a flexible work space. It is easy to imagine imagine entertaining with 10 people seated at the main dining table and an additional 8 at the island. 

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