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Cu•rate | carefully chosen and thoughtfully organized

Welcome to Curate X Calla Cane. This program is designed for homeowners looking to curate a single space - everything from the big marquee pieces, upholstery, and window treatments, to details like textiles, thoughtfully selected table books, and framed family photos. Our in-store designers will design and deliver a unique and personalized, move-in-ready room.

This service has the best results when you start with a blank slate. We pull from our library of carefully sourced and readily available home furnishings to create a space that reflects our design aesthetic and your lifestyle.

We charge a single flat fee at the start of the project and budgets are all-inclusive. All goods, services, fees and taxes are included in this initial budget.

Step 1. Field Verification

We will pay a one time visit to your home to verify existing measurements, take pictures and create a furniture floor plan.

Step 2. Design Presentation

We will provide you with a comprehensive design presentation including, floorpans, looksheets, furnishing specifications and samples. Lead-time 1-2 Weeks 

Step 3. Design Budget

You will receive an all-inclusive design proposal that can be paid electronically and commence the ordering process. Typical Room Budget 20K-35K

Step 4. Installation

We will manage purchasing and delivery coordination on your behalf. Items will be stored until the decided installation date. At this time a member of our team will come to your home to oversee all aspects of the installation from furniture placement to styling and accessorizing. Lead-time 8-12 Weeks 

We will leave you with a fully furnished and photograph ready space for you and your family to enjoy. Connect with a member of the Curate X Calla Cane team.

Our design studio offers full design and architectural services for those looking to furnish an entire home, renovate or build.

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